12 Social Media Post Ideas for Builders and Remodelers

It’s easy to get “stuck” when it comes to what to post. Here are 12 ideas to get your social media presence moving again.

*Pro Tip – Try to get a “human” in every photo. There’s a reason why 90% of the covers on any given newsstand have faces on them. Photos that include a face are 38% more likely to get a like than photos without.

1. Progress – show off a photo of your prized project. 

Show off your work! It’s what the customer is buying. Work at getting across your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or what sets you apart. 

Example: “We’re using a new material….” “We do this special technique that reduces cost…:”

2. Shout out to a sub (and tag them)

Build your relationships and help out a sub. 

Example: Thank them for finishing on time, going above and beyond, doing exceptional work, etc.

3. Shout out to an employee 

  • Highlight when they went above and beyond
  • Wish them a happy birthday
  • Congratulate them on an award
  • Show a picture of a fun item they have on their desk
  • Congratulate them on a work anniversary
  • Discuss their important role in your business
  • Post a positive review they received from a customer
  • Highlight any additional training or certification they received

4. Close-ups on details

It’s the details that matter. If there’s something special you do on your project in the kitchen, bath, closets, etc, take a close-up and describe it.

5. Share your knowledge – be helpful by providing “Tips”

When considering building your new home do this….

Talk about timelines, permits, financing, etc.

6. Share your team taking a break or having fun

Having a grill out on the job site or at the office? Snap a picture of the team. Ask employees to look at the camera and wave, raise their drink, take a big bite out of their burger.

7. Share industry statistics

People love graphs, visuals, and data. It will also help them understand your industry, understand timelines and costs.

8. Brag about awards

If you’ve won awards. Tell the world! It gives you instant credibility and it can give you the edge.

9. Share photos of your family or pets

If your child visits the job site. Get a photo with them in a hard hat. “Future builder” etc.

Pet photos are always a big hit as well.

10. Job postings

Need workers? Post a job opening and tell them why you are such a great company to work for.

11. Post testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are powerful credibility builders. If a customer posts a positive review or takes the time to write a testimonial…share it with the world!

12. Share a throwback photo

What’s in your photo vault. People love seeing old photos and stories from the past. Protip: Switch the photo to black and white.

The ideas are unlimited! Hopefully, this list will help you get “unstuck”.  With these 12 starter ideas, it’s easy to create recurring campaigns to keep your posting going.

Your social media can be the most powerful tool your use. It just takes a little strategy and time!